About Us

Our Short Business History

Zenith Pipes Limited is a Zambian Incorporated Company whose core business is in the manufacturing of HDPE pipes and supply of associated fittings. Zenith Pipes Limited specializes in the manufacturing of high quality traditional High Density Polyethylene Pipes. Additionaly in order to improve the quality and durability of the pipes, the company has Polyethylene Composite Pipes which are fitted with a wire mesh skeleton inside the pipe for purposes of strengthening the pipes. Our pipes will range from 16mm to 630mm, with the aim of making 1200mm in the near future. The pipes have working presures of PN4 to PN25. Apart from manufacturing HDPE pipes, butt welding and electro fusion type of joining are performed to suit pipe specifications.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality, durable and cost effective pipping products and services in order to mitigate various piping needs of customers.

Our Vision

OUr Vision is to be a leading supplier of HDPE pipes and associated products in the sub regional and Africa as a whole.

Our Core Values

  • Excellency - Throughout our value chain and after sale service, we always strive to do our business in an excellent manner.
  • Product Quality - We give prime importance to the quality of the product manufactured as quality is the basic criterion that manages to give us an edge on the market. We conduct in-house standardization based on our laboratory tests in order to safeguard product quality in addition to the adoption of the International Standards Organization (ISO-44272007).
  • Integrity - All our business transactions and dealings are professionally conducted by our members of staff with utmost integrity.
  • Prompt Delivery - Zenith puts customer needs and expectations first. All customers regardless of size or demography are treated with importance.
  • Support - We endeavour to provide our customers with professional services, advice, after sale service.
  • Experience - All our staff are highly trained and experienced with a bias towards customer service.

Our Products

We do 3 main types of joining for HDPE pipes namely Butt weld, Electro-fusion weld and Compression joint. In all our product range and service, we strive to give the highest standards